should be infectious and memorable. Simple, clever design is the most effective way to convey information to an audience to invoke an action. Graphic design legitimizes your offering as a professional organization and aids in the building of your brand for long-term profitability and success. I believe design’s greatest virtue is that it adds value in the form of credibility and trust.


your target market. We work with you to create a brand, promotional piece, or website that captures the essence of your business. We design uncomplicated, attractive pieces of work that communicate well with your target audience. We understand the marketing needs of small businesses, and we want to work with you.

Grow Your Business

We’re prompt, professional and friendly. We lead our clients to ideas, but we also listen to our clients.  Laura Tietz Design is a full-service graphic design studio located in Tigard, Oregon. For over 25 years I have created effective and targeted advertising ~ that gets results ~ on time and within budget. Serving clients nationwide in many fields, including the boating/recreational industry, retail, financial, senior housing, the arts, restaurants, specialty food, public relations and more.

We create Websites that help define your brand.

Bezwecken ProductsIt’s simple. Your website should be easy to find, easy to use, easy to update, easy on the eye and, most importantly, easy for your customers to do business with.

Customized design, interesting images and SEO friendly content for your informational site as well as ecommerce stores – all part of the service.

We can also manage every aspect of professional website enabling you to focus on operating your business. Website management plans take care of every aspect of your Internet presence including website updates, promotion, hosting and domain administration.  We also offer organic SEO and online marketing plans and administration such as Google Adwords, Amazon and Facebook.


Roses Deli Branding ProjectBranding is a vital part of running a successful business. Whether it is uniform, eye-catching packaging, a memorable logo, or an exquisite client brochure, the design should encompass every aspect of your business.

A strong brand is the collection of feelings, thoughts, emotions and experiences (negative or positive) one person has about your product, service or company. Valuations of the top companies in the world suggest that close to thirty to seventy percent of the company’s value (all assets included) account for brand equity. A strong focused brand makes it easier for the customer to buy and makes it easier for the sales force to sell. It is this premise that makes brand development an important central aspect of starting and growing a business.

Our brand development approach seeks to uncover what makes your brand unique, relevant and worth considering. It answers the questions:

  • Who are you?
  • Who needs to know?
  • How will they find out?
  • Why should they care?
  • What is the why behind the what and how?


Horizon West Inside PagesEquip your sales team, build your brand or communicate your products and services with brochures and marketing collateral that help you effectively reach and motivate your targets.

The keys to making a successful brochure campaign are design, content and general appeal. Simple but not boring; eye-catching but clutter-free. Informative; without telling the whole story, basically capturing your customers interest and calling them to action.

Inspiring, eye-catching design, smart layouts, appealing images and organization are key ingredients to good catalog design.

A catalog’s performance is tied to how well it sells. We will tailor your catalog design to appeal to your target customer. If your target is a young audience it will be drastically different than a catalog for older folks.

Design for Your Audience

 A rule of thumb in catalog design is the larger the product photo the greater the product’s sales. To this end we generally strive to maximize the size of the product’s image, especially in conjunction with each product’s profit value – the more total profit a product generates the larger the product photo should be. Then support the product with compelling copy.

A great photo is “worth a thousand words” but a poor photo can persuade a customer to not buy your product. Don’t risk it by scrimping on good photography. It would be better to show fewer products on fewer pages to save on printing than to cut your sales with poor photos.

My first love.  Illustration.

Xerox Botanical IllustrationsCustom designs using a variety of medium from color pencil, watercolor gouache and pen & ink to electronic illustration.  Are you are looking for a whimsical illustration for your new logo, a realistic florals or technical illustrations of your products?  Give us a call!

Lulu's Pickleback label designWe have years of experience in package and label design and work directly with many local packaging firms.  Background also includes working with the Oregon State Department of Agriculture as a label and packaging consultant.  Let us help guide you through packaging specks and USDA packaging/labeling requirements.

Menus as stand alone collateral or part of your corporate identity.

Vote YesServing clients nationwide in many fields including the boating, recreational, retail, financial, housing, the arts, restaurants, specialty food, public relations, and more. Direct Mail, Signage, Door Hangers, Event Programs

Newsletters created from your notes and idea points or supplied copy. Choose the format that best suits your needs from monthly printed publications, pre-printed mastheads to electronic files or templates for do-it-yourself.

Thinking about sending out an electronic newsletter or ad blast?

This is the perfect media for Special Offers, New Products, and BIG Brand Talk.  Get prospective clients to know your brand better, and keep your current customers coming back. An E-newsletter is the perfect way to keep them feeling a “part of something.”  Regular “blasts” will make your customers feel they are part of a conversation with your company.  Customer service and customer feedback should also be encouraged.