Project Description

Rose’s Deli Re-Branding

Continuing the tradition

Rose’s opened in 1956 on 23rd Avenue in Portland, Oregon.  Today, Rose’s Deli continues the tradition of excellent food, great service…plus the “World Famous Reuben” and Giant Cinnamon Rolls!

The challenge was to keep the tradition but update the look to reflect the new location and owners.

Sadly, Roses closed it’s doors in 2019 due to a building remodel.

Rose's Deli Illustration and Ad
Rose's Deli WiFi

Custom Illustration

“Chef Reuben” has become a trademark for Rose’s Deli.  He makes his appearance on in-store signage, ads, special promotions and more.

Web Design

The website for Rose’s Deli brings together various elements used throughout the brand. An emphasis has been placed on mouth-watering photography.

In Store Signage

In-store signage and table advertising brings the brand front and center for each diner. We have incorporated custom illustrations each with an element of fun.

Social Media

The Rose’s Deli brand carries over to social media on Facebook. Viewer is treated to spectacular photos as well as upcoming specials.

Design Should Be Friendly, Even FUN!

Rose's Illustrations

And It Should Be …